Elevating Fashion Businesses: Empowering Brands to Soar with INT Fashion

INT Fashion provides experts in artisanship and craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and the needed know-how to help our clients take their clothing businesses to the next level and beyond. We can help you start your own fashion brand from scratch, create your own clothing line, and grow your business to unprecedented heights.

Unleashing Passion and Innovation: Your Gateway to Fashion Success with Our Versatile Product Range

Our products are created with passion, dedication, and innovation. And no matter which sector you want to break into, whether it’s women’s, men’s, or kid’s fashion, we got you covered.

From Idea to Perfection: The Powerhouse of INT Fashion’s Multifaceted Departments

The INT Fashion department involves a dozen of other sub-departments that take an idea and turn it into a high-quality end product, including:

These departments


Pattern-making is one of the most problematic areas in fashion production, as it needs to be perfect and error-free. Our talented technical designers are ready to turn your imagination into reality, from sketching to real products.

Our CAD department consists of 8 working stations (5x Gerber, 2x Assyst, 1x Investronica, compatible with Lectra and Grafis) & 4HPGL Plotters.

We can offer you the following:

  • Construction FIRST / BASIC pattern following your sketch, measurement chart, or original sample.

  • GRADING in proportion / all possible sizes.

  • We use our own patterns for grading, but we can also follow yours, or we can offer to develop patterns for your own production line. Our Department handles a collection of patterns

  • for every kind of clothes, such as T-shirts, shirts, blouses, trousers, coats, dresses, skirts, etc.

  • Controlling shrinkage results of fabric after treatment and making necessary corrections on basic patterns.

  • Accunest for automatically maximizing material utilization and reducing costs.

  • Import / Export for all working patterns on Gerber, Assyst, Investronica and Lectra.

  • We own Gerber Cutter for cutting fabric, so we have the possibility to print patterns on HPGL plotters - and prepare lay markers for Cutter.


For each order, we create a prototype with our basic pattern or yours sent by email, allowing you to test the functionality of your design.

After you approve the samples, we will commence the bulk clothing production.

We can also develop collections and duplicate proto samples, providing quality garments which meet the high standards of our customers. Thanks to our great technical and crafting capabilities, you will get your products in a ready-to-sell state quickly.


We constantly invest in new technologies with the purpose of improving the already existing high standard of machines and investing in new modern machines. In our own factory and in our partner factories, we offer a complete production of most women's apparel: blazers, jackets, blouses, skirts, trousers, dresses, t-shirts and knitwear, as well as men's shirts, men's jackets and men's trousers.

Our commercialists (all fluent in German and English) take care of delivering a fast and professional elaboration of our common business processes to You. Our engineers and technicians, with professional experience of more than 15 years, constantly work in our production grounds, making sure the quality requested by You is kept or improved.


Our chemical and mechanical washing processes are the results of a unique mix of innovation and testing. We can surface wash, and through-wash denim garments with pigment based overdyes to create shade variations and 3D abrasions that create a look in line with the latest fashion trends. All our processes are managed with maximum respect for the environment and for health and safety.

We offer and realize all your sophisticated and creative ways of Industrial garment washing, garment dyeing and all special effects.

Types of available washing services (Tonello and belly machines):

  • Garment washing.

  • Soft/silicon washing.

  • Enzim washing.

  • Enzim-Stone washing.

  • Tencel wasching (enzim wash for tencel garments).

  • Enzim+Bleach for white garments (optical white).

  • Moonwash/acid wash.

  • Denim washing – all wash types and special effects.

  • Stone Wash/Enzim Wash/Enzim-Stone Wash/Enzim-Stone Wash+ bleach.

  • Kinds of available bleaching: Bleaching with sodium hypochlorite and Biobleach (for denim with elastane).

  • Special effects for denim special 3D machines, mannequins, oven scrapping/spraying/, destroy and tacking effects, mustache effect, 3D pleats/overdyeing/tinting in the desired color shades, wash/rinse, wash with indigo fixation.


For better flexibility and quality of the wanted reference color from the customer, INT invested in Data Color with 2 software programs: Data Color Tools and Datacolor Match Textile.

With measure lighting, main added color, and scanning original fabric, Data Color Match Textile significantly increases the accuracy of recipe calculation and speeds up color matching. You can benefit from a 50% reduction in lab trials, improved productivity and low costs. Now, we make Batch Quility Analysis with final result PASS\FAIL for all your wanted colors.

We offer the following:

  • OLD DYE - special kind of dyeing and washing

  • COLD DYE - special dyeing with pigment dyestuff






Embroidery provides a distinctive look and can be done on a large range of clothing and products.

We reproduce your idea by first 'digitizing' it, which involves formatting the design so our embroidery program recognizes it and can use different colored threads to stitch the design onto the garments.

We can provide large production quantities, with 5 Tajima automatic machines for embroidering 2x12/1x15/1x8 and 1x9 heads +2 Tajima machines for sequin devices.

Special Embroidery types:

  • Sequin devices.

  • Puffy 3D.

  • Embroidery with cord/ kordel.

  • Embroidery with holes.

  • Embroidery with applique.

  • Embroidery with tape.


With our 5 Robowsky machines, we offer most types of pleat and crease effects.

2 pleating machines / (width 150cm) and 3 pleating machines (width 125cm) allow us to make different types of pleats, such as:

  • Sunray pleats.

  • Radial.

  • Diamond.

  • Honeycomb etc.


This technique is also called "painting in denim," followed by burning the fabric surface, resulting in a finished print.

Perforating the material according to a pattern design, resulting in cut-out details, is also possible.

The process is environmentally friendly and very economical.

The system offers great advantages in terms of scraping effects, denim whiskering, as well as used "worn" appearance. It is highly productive as a result of the workspace area of 1,20m. x 1,20m. whereby complete treatment of the whole finished trouser product is made possible.


Creating beautiful screen-printed apparel requires creativity, skill, and experience. Starting with your design, our screen printing professionals apply their decades of experience to achieve your design’s full potential.

You’ll get everything you need, from tips to improve your design from our Design Department to the application of advanced screen printing techniques like halftones and specialty inks by our staff.

We have the capability of printing six colors on ALL garments, and we possess 6 rotating screen holders and 6 rotating pallet holders.

Types of screen printing we offer:

  • Plastisol inks.

  • Foil.

  • Discharge Inks.

  • Metallic and Textured Ink.

  • Water - Based inks.

  • Translation in 4 languages: German, English, Italian, and French.

  • Bank performance guarantee for imports and exports Software support.